Our Mission

Our mission guided by facility managers and architects is committed to aesthetics, durability, hardware retention and serviceability supported by a network of certified erectors.

 Going Green

All Vale anodized extrusions offer acid etched anodized coatings which reduce waste sludge landfill disposal up to 90%. Additionally Vale extrusions are made from reprocessed aluminum using only 3-5% of the energy required to produce a virgin product.

Finally, the Vale Polystyrene core material is environmentally friendly to produce and poses no health risk to workers using the product.

Totally organic and free from producing harmful airborne dust the Vale core material will not free burn and has a stable thermal drift rate not found polyurethane FRP doors.

 Door Cutout Grey


Custom Exterior Doors – Designed for the Grand Entrance



Custom exterior doors make a difference in the way the entry to your building is viewed.  Complimenting your facility as well as reflecting your taste for the beauty they provide, a quality door is the focal point of the building.  After all, it is the first thing people see when entering your facility.

Life cycle costs are increasingly used as a measure of value in contrast to the traditional initial cost approach. FRP entrances provide useful alternatives to the building envelope providing more energy efficiency,  years of maintenance free service and durability from flexural strength design.

Consider consulting with your design professional to assess the advantages FRP products can provide over traditional steel, aluminum and wood exterior options. Vale can provide custom door designs for your educational facility, business, or institutional building incorporating such features as artistic glass, logo’s and other specialty requirements.


The Vale Advantage

Upon request Vale Company will provide consultation and engineering services for all your entrance requirements. As a certified Ingersoll Rand hardware applicator, we will also provide you with hardware solutions to satisfy all your security concerns.